Moody Tunes

Moody Tunes is an interactive app designed with the aim of helping people better understand and manage their mood and mental health through music. What makes Moody Tunes different from others is that it is based on evidence-based psychological therapies for self-management of mood. The app was co-developed by Western Sydney University health specialists and Supportsoft Technologies. MoodyTunes is a must-download app as it can help you get a better understanding of the relationship between the kind of music or song you listen to and your mood. 

How Does The MoodyTunes App Work?

  • MoodyTunes will seamlessly sync with your Spotify account, creating personalised playlists based on your preferred music genres and moods.
  • You can listen to the music directly from the Spotify app or through the MoodyTunes app itself. At the start of your session and at predetermined intervals, the app asks you to rate your emotions on a diverse spectrum, such as happy, amused, cheerful, calm, depressed, and more.
  • Then the app will ask users some more questions, such as what they are doing, where they are, and with whom they are while listening to music. This will allow for a better understanding of your emotional triggers.
  • With the intuitive visual mood tracker feature of the app, you can map your emotional journey over days, weeks, or months based on your music choices. Gain invaluable insights into the impact of music on your mental well-being and empower yourself to manage your mood effectively.
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