Attentio is a revolutionary mobile application designed to enhance executive function and emotional regulation skills across all age groups. This innovative app is a support system that caters to three key individuals: the person with special needs, their parents, and their dedicated supporters, all working together to provide the utmost care and support. Attentio stands out with its user-friendly interface and customizable settings, ensuring a personalised experience for each user. The app offers invaluable real-time insights into the behavioural and emotional aspects of your loved ones. Through its advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities, Attentio empowers you to closely observe behaviour patterns, track mood fluctuations, and receive timely alerts in case of potential concerns. Moreover, it serves as an invaluable tool for nurturing executive function and cognitive skills.

Special Features Of Attentio

General- Make notes on the app about the characteristics of the account user, that is the person who needs help developing executive function skills. Understanding this will provide valuable insights for effective support and guidance, offering a foundation for actionable tips.

Routine- Create daily routines for mornings, afternoons, and evenings tailored for individuals to follow independently.

Activity- Easily prepare your loved ones for new activities by making them understand in advance what they can expect. This can be done through visual cues and checklists of prerequisites, ensuring seamless transitions into new tasks.

SOS- Identify and promptly address your loved ones' evolving emotional states and reactions. Access strategies for high-intensity, immediate assistance needs.

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