Jitz is an innovative app designed to simplify the way you manage your loyalty cards, all conveniently stored in one digital space. The idea behind this app is to address the all-too-common issue of misplacing or forgetting loyalty cards when visiting your favourite stores, cafes, or boutiques. It eliminates the inconvenience of digging through your bag or wallet at the last minute at checkout by bringing loyalty cards into an app. Supportsoft Technologies was entrusted to develop this exceptional app, ensuring it boasts an intuitive interface and effortless navigation, guaranteeing users a great experience every time they use the app. Jitz doesn't just benefit users; businesses also reap rewards by using the app to attract customers with in-app coupons and vouchers, thereby fostering customer engagement and loyalty. Meanwhile, users can effortlessly access these loyalty cards, enjoying exclusive benefits and discounts with ease. 

How The App Works

Download the app from the Play Store and create your Jitz account as a business or as a user. Businesses can issue loyalty cards to your customers, who can access and store these cards within the app itself. Users can collect the loyalty cards on the app and redeem them easily whenever they visit the business or make a purchase from them. To make an informed decision, users can access comprehensive details about available offers, including information about where they can be redeemed, validity periods, and redemption history. Additionally, users can easily monitor their active and expired offers. 

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