Clean Smart

Clean Smart is a revolutionary mobile application for cleaners and their supervisors to streamline cleaning tasks on one single platform. This app serves as a centralised hub for efficiently managing cleaning tasks. Using this app, cleaners have the power to effortlessly oversee their day-to-day assignments, view job details, and update task statuses within the app. Additionally, they can foster seamless communication with their managers and supervisors via the integrated chat feature. The team at Clean Smart engaged with Supportsoft Technologies to create an innovative, user-centric app where cleaners can easily manage and update their work. We take great pride in creating an app that exactly matches what our client has envisioned. We have incorporated robust features in the app that simplify the lives of cleaners and their managers, offering effective tools for task maintenance, tracking, and monitoring. 


Highlighting Features Of Clean Smart

  • Supervisors can effortlessly monitor cleaners' working hours through the convenient check-in and check-out feature, ensuring accurate time tracking.
  • Cleaners can choose the area and frequency around which they wish to have the cleaning site assigned.
  • Using the ticket feature, supervisors can assign cleaning tasks directly within the app, while cleaners can proactively create tickets. These tickets include details such as ticket title, site, ticket type, and a brief task description.
  • Users can keep track of both active and closed tickets, providing a streamlined view of pending and accomplished cleaning tasks and enhancing overall task management.
  • The chat feature enables direct chat between cleaners and managers right within the app. This feature facilitates real-time updates on job statuses, fostering effective collaboration and progress tracking.


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