Virasat is a highly interactive Punjabi audiobook app that will take you on an immersive literary journey. It is designed to empower users to enjoy their favourite books narrated by seasoned voices, accessible at any time and place with a simple click. On this app, you will find an exclusive collection of Punjabi, Hindi, English, and other language audiobooks.

The team of Virasat engaged with Supportsoft Technologies to create an innovative, personalised audiobook app. A platform that connects users to their cultural heritage & traditions while also expanding their knowledge base with contemporary literature. In our market research, we found common challenges associated with soft copy books such as distractions, limited reading time, book discovery, and multitasking difficulties. Our expert developers, fueled by this insight, designed a user-friendly audiobook app that seamlessly eliminates these hindrances using best-in-class development frameworks for Android and iOS users. Virasat boasts 10+ diverse categories and a staggering collection of 10,000+ audiobooks. This masterful collection ensures that readers of all backgrounds can access and enjoy the richness of the literature of their choice. 

Exclusive Benefits Offered By Virasat

  •  Download books for offline listening with our cost-effective subscription plan.
  • Listen to your favourite audiobooks anytime and anywhere, be it at home, work, the gym, etc. 
  • Get access to a multilingual audiobook hub in Punjabi, English, Hindi, and more.
  • Effortlessly navigate through audio content with user-friendly playback controls.
  • Enjoy captivating, relatable narrations for an immersive experience.
  • Get promotion, narration, and so many other benefits of publication almost for free with an affordable subscription plan.


How The App Works

  • Simply download the app for free to enjoy a delightful audiobook experience.
  • Register as a listener, narrator, or author to personalise your journey.
  • Search and explore a collection of more than 10,000 diverse audiobooks in various languages and genres, such as poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction, folklore, history, and more. 




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