Passpatch is an innovative smart thermometer app. It is a Bluetooth-enabled mobile application that helps users detect early signs of Elevated Body Temperature (EBT), often an indicator of fever onset. It diligently monitors EBT and promptly notifies users upon detection, enabling timely action. The team of Passpatch engaged with Supportsoft Technologies to create a cutting-edge Bluetooth app, and our developers employed the latest technologies and frameworks to create this outstanding app. Passpatch's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to all, making it a must-have app for body temperature measurement. 

How The App Works

The app seamlessly connects to the Passpatch wearable digital thermometer through Bluetooth, initiated by scanning a QR code. Afterwards, you have the option to personalise your device by assigning it a name within the app. Once saved, you gain access to real-time temperature monitoring. Furthermore, the app's historical data feature allows you to review past temperature records, facilitating easy comparisons over time. This user-friendly interface ensures effortless tracking of temperature trends, providing valuable insights into your health and well-being.

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