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TellMe is a perfect solution for businesses that want to improve their services by getting quick and constructive feedback from their customers in a secure environment. TellMe is a free, user-friendly survey app designed for the Android and iOS platforms that connects businesses with their customers by facilitating simple customer experience surveys. With TellMe, you have the power to pose questions to your customers anytime, anywhere, fostering continuous service improvement. We have incorporated robust features in this app, including advanced survey creation tools and intuitive analytics, ensuring an optimised and secure feedback collection process. Anyone can create and conduct a survey on TellMe, it is not restricted to businesses only. Whether you're conducting surveys for academic research or personal projects, TellMe is the perfect way to collect data. Also, this app makes it easy to design, distribute, and analyse surveys in real-time. Most importantly, TellMe prioritises privacy, ensuring survey results remain confidential and exclusively accessible to the survey creator. 

How Does TellMe Work?

  • TellMe simplifies the survey process by pinpointing surveys on a map, effortlessly catering to users' smartphone locations.
  • Surveys are strategically positioned on the map, so if the customers are near your business or store locations, they will find your survey. There is no need to share a link.
  • TellMe captures the feedback at the point of sale, enhancing real-time insights.
  • Seamless and timely interactions empower businesses to gauge immediate customer sentiments and adapt accordingly.
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