Equicare stands at the forefront of innovation as a groundbreaking application designed to elevate the level of care horse owners provide for their equine companions. This revolutionary app streamlines horse care management, offering users a convenient and intuitive platform accessible right from their smartphones. With Equicare, you can effortlessly oversee your horse's well-being with just a few taps. This innovative app boasts a user-friendly interface, a comprehensive treatment schedule, and a personalised reminder system that aligns perfectly with your horse's unique management calendar. Using this app, you don’t have to keep up with the hassle of manual record-keeping of your horse's health and vaccination history. This app empowers you to document health histories and schedule appointments easily at your fingertips, ensuring your horse receives the best possible care.

Features Of Equicare

Calendar System: EquiCare has an intuitive calendar system where you can easily create appointments for each horse. You can customise treatments, access your contacts, set dates, repeat intervals, times, and reminders, all in one user-friendly interface. 

Stable Feature: The stable feature accommodates multiple horse profiles, regardless of your herd's size. Enter each horse's details and monitor their health requirements seamlessly. It enables easy access to individual health records, ensuring your stable stays organised and efficient.

Document Uploads: Make and store notes, papers, registrations, specialist reports, and health records conveniently within each horse profile and health category.

Health Categories: This feature centralises your horse's health data, providing a comprehensive view. Easily track your appointment history, from vaccinations to farrier visits, facilitating quick reference for organised equine care.

Contacts: EquiCare streamlines contact management by consolidating all equine professionals in one location. Categorise contacts by occupation and input their details, eliminating the risk of losing vital information. Your equine network is now effortlessly organised.

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