Telephone Answering

Phone Answering services are a vital part of any industry and its quality is a decisive factor in Client retention and higher sales. As per the Corporate Survey conducted in the year 2012, 40% of the industry sales in IT and communications are dependent upon qualitative phone answering services.

At Virtual Supportsoft, we offer unmatchable quality of voice and network with the help of our most reliable Cisco servers and VOIP units. Our Executives go through an extensive voice modulation and neutralisation training to render the best of class experience to our clients.

We can’t make it easier

  • Contact our Sales team to sign up.
  • Dedicated Phone extension for your business
  • Forward all your calls to the given line
  • Assistant available 8 hours a day to attend your calls
  • Summary sent to you end of the day


And you live a day focussing entirely on Marketing, Sales and growing your business.

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