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Voice transcription industry is growing with a great pace today. Whether it is healthcare professionals dictating patient reports, legal companies recording verbal statements made in and out of court or police officials recording statements made for accident and crime reports, voice transcription is an inevitable requirement.

With Virtual Support-Soft you get the most advanced techniques and tools to transform any sort of voice data into documents.


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Our professional team of voice transcriptionists always works closely with our customers to understand all the aspects of their voice transcription requirements before transcribing


  • Voice transcription services
  • Business meetings
  • Seminars including tele-seminars and conferences
  • Conference calls
  • Dictations
  • Training sessions
  • Interviews – for both personal and publishing purposes
  • Focus group interviews
  • Church sermons
  • T.V shows and radio broadcasts
  • Oral history
  • Special reports
  • Discussions
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • Videotaped events
  • Entertainment programs
  • University researches
  • Customer service calls

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