Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing paves a new route to market for online ventures. cause and effect essay questions Affiliates carry advertisements (from banner ads to product listings) and generate sales that may otherwise end up with your competition.

Affiliate marketing is the ‘purest’ form of online advertising. By feeding only for transactions, it’s like having thousands of sales reps working on ‘commission only’ for your business.

Currently the Virtual Support Soft’s team manages successful affiliate campaigns on a range of affiliate networks.

How We can Help Build Your Affiliate Group

At Virtual Supportsoft, our team has rich experience setting up and managing some of the largest affiliate campaigns and have generated millions in sales to major international groups as well as SME’s.

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Virtual Support soft’s affiliate marketing services include;

  • Industry research & consultation
  • Network or solution research and recommendation
  • Affiliate marketing implementation and launch
  • Affiliate marketing PR
  • Affiliate event Organiser
  • Industry branding and growth strategies
  • Complete service (selection, implementation, recruitment & management)

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